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E-Learning Narration

Below are extracts from E-Learning courses I've recorded for previous clients.
  • The samples are dry (no music bed) and were recorded in my studio.
  • They show you exactly the kind of top-notch quality you can expect from me.
  • I'm always happy to record a custom demo audition of your script for free.

I record a LOT of E-Learning courses and content. It's kind of my bread and butter in the voice over world. Remote learning, internal training, software walkthroughs, I've done it all.


Years ago, before I even knew about the wonderful world of voiceovers, when I was a frequently unemployed actor, I used to teach acting workshops and was even a Secondary School supply teacher in Barking, London. I learned two things doing this:


1) Teachers are saints and perform miracles on a daily basis

2) I love to teach, to educate, to enlighten - call it what you will.


So, naturally, when I discovered the wonderful world of E-Learning and remote learning and online digital courses it was a perfect match.




That's a fair question, and Kathy does have a lovely set of pipes. But where will Kathy record? In the breakroom? The sound of the kettle going and distant traffic noises are going to be a touch distracting to a listener. And what if Kathy falls ill (or worse changes jobs) when you need to record some more content? Will you get Ken to record it? And then Kelly? And then Kevin? The abrupt back and forth switch between voices is going to really downgrade the effectiveness of your course.

A professional voice-over for your E-Learning gives you:

  • Consistency of voice - I'm in the studio Monday - Friday

  • Consistency of audio - I produce great sound and it sounds the same every time (no more jarring changes in the quality)

  • Flexibility - Courses, content and information change all the time. With me, that's no problem. I'm always ready to make adjustments.

  • Professionalism - The quality of any digital training or e-learning content is part of your brand, yes, even internal training, make sure it's to your usual high standards by using a professional voice.

  • Expert Education - It's not just a matter of reading the words - text-to-speech can do that - it's about making sense of the thoughts, ensuring the ideas are clear and understandable, and keeping the course engaging.

On top of all that, with me, if you like to be a bit more hands-on you can listen in to my recording session and even direct me. All you need is a web browser or phone and I take care of the rest.


But if you're still unsure then get in touch and I'll record a sample of your script. Compare me to Kathy by all means, we all love Kathy, but she won't compete.

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