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Automate Social Media For Voice Over

How to simplify your voiceover business - part 3 of 3. Part 1 HERE! Part 2 HERE!

Social media, love it or hate it, it's an integral part of ANY business.

It helps you to promote your brand image, develop client and customer relationships, connect with industry peers and colleagues, track market developments, and even keep a beady eye on your competitors!

I find voice over artists tend to fall into two camps with social media: those who dislike it and can barely raise the energy to fire off a tweet more than once a week; and, those who love it so much that they end up tumbling down a social media rabbit hole and procrastinating a good two hours away.

The answer to both of these problems is a Social Media Scheduler, also known as a Social Media Management App. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to schedule your Instagram posts, tweets, Facebook updates, and Linkedin posts ahead of time.

Sign up to a service, sit down on a Monday morning with a cuppa, and write out and schedule all your posts for the week. Job done.

It's quite enjoyable to receive a bunch of like notifications for a tweet you scheduled days ago and had completely forgotten about.

Now, I'm not saying that every post and update has to be scheduled. Spontaneity is nice and shows that you're real. Whatsmore, things obviously change and develop throughout any given week - if you've just heard yourself on a national TV commercial then, of course, share it. Share it now! Do not wait until next Monday morning.

However, scheduling a chunk of your social media posts ahead of time allows you to:

  • Tweet/Post/Share on a consistent basis.

  • Review all your posts in one place, allowing you to have a birds-eye view of the brand image your generating.

  • Target a specific area of the industry with a cohesive social media marketing campaign.

  • Avoid getting sucked into the endless world of social media procrastination. When it suits, you can keep social media at arm's length.

Social Media isn't going anywhere, it's a great FREE resource and tool, so use it. And better yet, automate it. Happy tweeting!


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