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A business-oriented, confident, professional Voice Over? Absolutely!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

B2B videos occupy a different space, very often, to consumer-focused Explainer Videos. They tend to be more serious, professional and to the point, in spite of that though it's essential that they stay engaging, and that is the great - and very tricky - balancing act of business oriented videos. How do you ensure that a load of technical jargon and sterile facts and figures, stay interesting and keep the overall idea, or product, engrossing?

Well a great script is always a great start. Then a tailored, custom, boutique animation is going to really make that great script shine. But, and of course I would say this, if you want to take it to the next level, a professional, talented and experienced voice over is absolutely required.

I think the reason my voice works so well with B2B videos (like the one above) is that I have a natural warmth and confidence that brings a reassuring level of professionalism to these videos, combined with that is my hard-earned ability to deliver complex language in a simple, intuitive way. That combination keeps people listening, not to me, but to the message being marketed, because let's face it, if the audience can stay to the end, there's a good chance you might just hook them!

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