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Wise Alpha Explainer Video

I love recording voiceovers. Voicing companies' messages is always a fun experience BUT a well-written script really does elevate the enjoyment level drastically. I'm pleased to say that this explainer video from Wise Alpha had an excellent script and was a whole barrel of fun.

The team behind the video wanted a professional but relaxed voice over; something fun but also knowledgeable and trustworthy - a bit of ying and a bit of yang. Now, excuse me for blowing my own horn, but I think I nailed it. ;-)

These kinds of reads are lovely to do and I'm recording more of them every month. People want less salesy and more casual. As if you're explaining something to a friend. Personally, I think it's the right direction to be heading in. Energetic, fast-paced, commercial-sounding voiceovers have their place, don't get me wrong - I still record plenty - but in an increasingly noisy online environment sometimes doing less can make people listen more.

So if you've got an explainer video, a corporate video, or, an unashamedly louder-than-life commercial, and you're searching for that perfect voice actor - someone that can have a friendly, casual chat with your listener - then send me a script sample and hear what I can do. Auditions are free - what have you got to lose!

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