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Health Care Explainer Video

I recorded a whole series of these health care/health insurance for Swiss-based firm EGK. I love recording voice overs for explainer videos and usually record a few every week. I'm particularly pleased with how this series turned out. Explainer Videos are such a great way to connect your business with your customers in an effective and authentic way. It varies from video to video but more often than not it's the friendly, natural, millennial voice that best fits the message; and being an official, card-carrying, millennial member it makes me a perfect fit for these voiceover recordings. ;-) The accent for this video was my natural RP/neutral British accent that is so often a go-to with voiceovers. When you're working with companies that have a global reach, or who are connecting with customers who come from a variety of different countries, making sure your message can be easily and simply understood is vital. That's what I love about this Explainer Video; it has a clear, friendly voice that complements the equally clear and simple animation - a great VO should compliment a video, not compete with it. Have a listen to the video and see what you think. If you think my voice might work for a project of yours, then please get in touch.

I'm always happy to audition a sample of your script so that you can hear my voice with your words. Plus, if you're a bit of perfectionist like me, once you book me for a job you can dial into my recording session and direct me live. (You can connect with me through SourceConnect, phone patch and Skype)


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