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Archive 81 Podcast

It was an absolute pleasure getting back in the studio for the third season of Archive 81. If you've not listened to it - Stop! Go! listen! It's a great podcast, with a fantastic cast, one of a kind story and some of the best sound design out there.

For me, I love being behind a mic and I love acting, so it's great when I really get to combine the two and stretch my acting chops. I was lucky enough to be in the second season as well, so it was great to see the character arc that Dan (the character I play) takes in the show. It made for a wonderful opportunity to really do some genuine voice acting; No cartoon voices, no cheesy lines, just a genuine, human story. That is what I'm all about (although silly voices are always fun to do).

Fiction podcasts (or radio drama's as they used to be known) are back in vogue. There's so many great stories being told through the medium of sound. Personally, I love to be in them and I love to listen to them. If you've not yet got yourself hooked, why not start with Archive 81, it's weird and it's wonderful!

You can find out more about the podcast and listen to it here!


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