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ES Global, Telegraph Business Club

I've recorded a number of voice overs for various companies as part of the Telegraph Business Club at this point.

They're great projects! Promotional videos without the hard sell. They let the quality of the business being advertised speak for itself. It's a great approach but it does mean that you need a voice over that can match it.

Now I am biased, of course, but a warm, confident and professional voice, like yours truly, is I think the perfect accompaniment. Less is very much more with these types of videos.

And from a personal stand point it's always easier when I get to help show off a British business on the global stage, really makes the heart swell with pride! ;-)

I guess these types of promotional / business explainer videos are really just mini-documentaries, which is what makes for such an engaging and trustworthy video.

If you need a similar voiceover then get in TOUCH! I'm always happy to provide you with a short recording sample so that you can hear my voice with your words!


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