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Nallian for Air Cargo - Explainer Video

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I've recorded two Explainer Video voice-overs for Nallian so far, so I must be doing something right!

I really like how this one turned out. There's a real cohesiveness between script, video, and audio. The video keeps the viewer watching through a simple, clear, friendly style without ever losing the sense of business-focused competence you'd expect from a company working in such an important/high stakes industry. Honestly, my favourite type of Explainer and Corporate-style voice over is one where I get to breakdown complex, often technically dry, ideas and products, and communicate them in a clear, simple and engaging manner. You can have the best, most innovative product in the world but if no one knows what it is or how it works, then it simply won't count for much. An experienced voice over artist is vital to making a good product (even a bad product!) be heard and understood in an increasingly noisy marketplace. I pride myself on being able to convey your ideas in a way that's understandable and engaging to the broadest of audiences. Like what you hear? Great! Get in touch and see what I can do for you!


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