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Tanly Ticketanalyzer by SYSback - Explainer Video

The script for this Explainer Video for was very straightforward, it get's straight down to business - literally! And that's as it should be in my opinion, it's often the simplest scripts and ideas that are the most effective. As such, I find a direct, confident, warm voice over is all these types of business videos need to make the product pop.

One of the most useful things a Voice Over artist can know when approaching a script like this is - Who's the target audience? With this video for SYSback it's B2B, which means I don't need to patronize or dumb-down, in fact the audience most likely understand the technical jargon far better than I do! All a good voice over actor needs to do in this case is get out the way and let the product do the real talking! The voice is purely their to assist and that's fine with me.

So if you need a clear, simple, to-the-point Explainer video? I've got you covered!


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